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I am a mom of 2 boys who likes to run to stay fit.

My Fit Journey

Before July 2011/ After May 2013
It’s time for an updated pic but this is the most recent before/after I have right now.

 This is a repost from my old blog but I wanted to repost it and put it on Run Fit Mama to help inspire anyone who is struggling through their fit journey.


I was going to title this “My Weight-Loss Journey” but it just didn’t feel right.  I didn’t set out to lose weight or get “skinny”.  My goal when I started this journey was to get healthy/fit.  I guess somewhere in the process I have gotten to the point where some may consider me “skinny”.  I however do not feel this way.  I am fit, strong, and healthy.

Now you may be wondering what made me wake up one day a decide I needed to get healthy?  I’ve always considered myself a healthy eater.  I love veggies, I always eat salads with baby spinach instead of iceberg lettuce and load it up with veggies.  I eat fruit and lean meats, rarely red meat.  I don’t eat a lot of dairy…except for cheese (I love cheese). Well in the Fall of 2011 I went to my doctor for a physical and when I got my blood work back I was in shock! Now I knew I was overweight, I knew I wanted to lose it, it just wasn’t happening and the number on the scale wasn’t motivating me. However, being that I have my degree in Biology/Forensic Chemistry when I received my bloodwork results I was motivated! I never thought that my cholesterol and triglycerides would be so high! I don’t eat a lot of sweets or red meat so what could it be?


SEPTEMBER 2011 Bloodwork:

Weight :195.5 lbs

LDL: 95 (good)

Triglycerides: 245 (high)

HDL: 40 (low)


I immediately started Weight Watchers*.  The reason for this is because I’ve used WW before with great results while working.  I love to cook my own food. I don’t like prepackaged food, I don’t like to be restricted and I needed to learn portion control because I knew WHAT I was eating was okay.  I found it was definitely HOW MUCH I was eating.  An entire Whole Wheat bagel with light cream cheese for breakfast, a sandwich and salad for lunch, chicken veggies and rice for dinner.  The norm.  Well I had to change it.  If I wanted a bagel it had to be a half a bagel or a bagel thin with light cream cheese and a cup of berries.  I’m not a fan of eggs but I really made myself eat them because they are a great source of protein and 3 egg whites were only 1 point!  I loaded those bad boys up with spinach, mushrooms and any other “free” veggies, a little light cheese and I was good to go! On days I was going to have a lighter lunch or dinner, or workout, I added 2 turkey sausage which were only 2 points!  Chicken with salad or veggies for lunch, I like to add some couscous, quinoa or lentils for some carbs/protein.  Veggies and hummus or string cheese and fruit for snack.  And dinner is the same as lunch protein and veggies small carbs like sweet potatoes, couscous, brown rice etc.  I’ve tried Paleo and I can do parts of it but I can’t cut out dairy 100% and I like a little bit of complex carbs.


NOVEMBER 2011 Bloodwork: 

LDL: 76 (good)

Triglycerides: 161 (high)

HDL: 37 (good)

As you can see in 2 months my bloodwork was already looking better and that was all diet change (I hadn’t even started working out).

My oldest son loves to run with me!

 After I had lost about 25 lbs I decided to start working out…in the form of running/walking.  Well BAD idea!  I wasn’t ready, actually my knee wasn’t ready!  I had fallen in a grocery store a year before and landed on my right knee, didn’t realize the extent until I tried to run and it hurt!  I after a few x-ray’s, MRI and a referral to PT.  I ran my first FULL 5K in June 2012 and registered for my first 10K in Oct 2012 (the MCM10K).  I was told not to run by my Dr and Orthopedic but my Physical Therapist said it was ok as long as I didn’t feel pain and we continued PT.  We worked hard to get me to a point where I was comfortable and I completed my first 10K in 1:06:44!! YAY!!  The week after I was in a funk…I needed another goal and found that in order to keep going I would need another race.  I signed up for my first HALF MARATHON! 

We do the Susan G Komen every year as a family. This year my sister in law’s joined us and we had a great time! I’m so proud of them! This was also the first 5K run I did back in 2012!

The Whole Crew!

My knee was still not 100% so I ended up getting a cortisone shot which helped a lot.  I trained through the winter for my first and second Half Marathon.  My first was the Rock N Roll USA (2:06:36) in DC March 2013, my second was the JBA Inaugural Half Marathon (2:05:11) in April 2013.  They were tough but I finished and I did well! I also decided to register for the Marine Corp Marathon in Oct 2013 (because you can only go bigger right?)

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Foam Rolling Techniques for Runners

As you know one of my 2014 goals is to stretch more! So I made this video for those of you who may not know about foam rolling or may need some help with some different positions! This is a great way to stretch those tight, sore muscles! I focused on the lower body because as a runner this is where I have a lot of issues. These are great stretches to prevent or help with many issues such as runners knee, IT band issues and shin splints.

There are ways to stretch your back, and arms etc however I have not covered those in this video.

If you have any questions regarding any of the techniques you see please comment below.

**Please consult a doctor prior to starting any exercise program. I am not a doctor. I am a Certified Personal Trainer. If anything hurts or bothers you please stop.


What’s For Dinner?

I’ve been traveling with my husband and kids for the past two weeks and we are finally back home! Although my husband has the worst ear infection so he is not 100%. We also have my mom and her husband with us for a few extra days since this crazy frigid weather has flights cancelled across the country!

But I am happy to be home and trying to get back to my regular workouts and eating!! according to my scale I haven’t gained any weight but my body just isn’t happy with me!!

So tonight we had one of my favorites-pizza!! I know your saying, “pizza isn’t healthy!” Okay, I know, I know! But it’s not delivery! I know what i’m putting in it, I can load it up with veggies and have it with a big side salad too! I also tried a new crust, I normally make my own but my mom and her hubby are trying the Gluten Free thing so I picked up some Bob’s Red Mill GF pizza dough mix. This is not your typical pizza dough. You don’t kneed it, you actually spread it out on your pizza pan. It tasted good though. A little thicker that I like, i’m a thin crust lover but it worked.


Our pizza’s were 1. pepperoni, sausage and cheese and 2. Chicken pesto (my favorite) this one is so good that it was almost gone before I remembered to snap a pic!

I also added a spinach salad and a dessert. The dessert was just for fun and because I ended up with an enormous amount of mini marshmallows!! I asked my friends what they suggest doing with them and got some great feedback…I’ll have to use moderation!!

Some suggestions: top hot cocoa, put in granola bars, rice krispie treats, in trail mix, and last but not least a fruit “salad”.

My mom told me about “5 cup fruit salad” and that’s what I started with but I had no pineapple so here is what my recipe looked like:

Marshmallow Fruit Salad

mandarin oranges drained

1 cup coconut flakes (I used unsweetened)

1 cup mini marshmallows

1 cup sour cream

1 banana peeled and sliced

1 gala apple peeled cored and chopped

1 tablespoon agave (optional)

mix all ingredients together and chill until ready to serve!

Does your family have a favorite meal? How do you keep on track with your workouts and eating?

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2013 Year in Review

2013 was a great year for me! It was my first year of my 30’s and a lot of firsts and PR’s in in running. I have met some AMAZING people, including a great group of Bad@$$ Mother Runners (Pictured Below).

Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown

I have ran multiple “fun run’s”, 5k’s, Spartan Sprint, a 10k, my first 8k, my first 5 and 10-miler, my 1st, 2nd and 3rd Half Marathon and by far my biggest accomplishment…my FIRST MARATHON!

Spartan Race

Spartan Race

I have ran through some amazing cities to include our nations Capitol; Alexandria, VA; Baltimore, MD; Tuxedo, NY; and St. Petersburg, FL; most at sunrise before “normal people” get out of bed. i have ran in some extreme conditions from freezing temperatures to sweltering heat to the Government Shutdown.

Sunrise over the Washington Monument

Sunrise over the Washington Monument

 Looking back over this year I can’t believe I have done all of this in just one year! 365 days!  Looking back I have really pushed myself and been really hard on myself and I have had a few “runner” injuries. Knowing what I know now I know that I need to take things SLOWER, focus on strengthening and stretching as much as speed and endurance. I appreciate all the advice I have received throughout my training and I feel that it has made me a better runner and Personal Trainer.

Army 10-Miler

Army 10-Miler

Army 10-Miler 1:33:31 I LOVED this race! It was a “taper” run for MCM so I took it nice and easy and just enjoyed the sights. I ran 2 miles with an older gentleman and chatted about his daughter at West Point and on the 14th Street bridge I ran into a few MRTT ladies before coming into the finish line.


MRTT ladies!!

These fabulous have been a godsend! I am thankful that a former work friend of mine introduced me to my local Mom’s Run This Town chapter. I was deep in my Marathon training, had already done a 14 and 15 mile run alone and was looking for company. Thankfully I posted on facebook and she added me to this great group of Mother Runners!

Baltimore Half Marathon BRF

Baltimore Half Marathon BRF

Baltimore Half Marathon 2:01:43 My husband and I ran the Baltimore Running Festival. He did the 5K and I ran the Half. It was a great way to see the city.

Marine Corps Marathon

Marine Corps Marathon

Marine Corps Marathon 4:20:59 By far my favorite race! I ran for Team Fisher House again and would do it again in a heart beat! So much race support not just from TFH but also the community and other racers. This was not an easy race, don’t be fooled by my smile, but I was enjoying it and I was happy and proud of myself. It was emotional seeing the Wounded Warriors and those who were riding hand cycles, what a humbling experience.

Run or DYE

Run or DYE

Some post MCM fun! Meghan joined me at the Run or Dye! I ran one with my oldest in June and he had a blast!

5-mile Turkey Trot

5-mile Turkey Trot

These are some great friend of ours running our pre-turkey day calories off! 😉

My 8yr is a ROCKSTAR! 5 miles in 1:00:03

My 8yr is a ROCKSTAR! 5 miles in 1:00:03

This is my amazing son, he just turned 9. He has run multiple 1 mile races, 5k’s and kid Spartan races. This was his first 5-miler. He was nervous. He didn’t think he was ready but he did great! He actually walked a bit with his BFF when she needed to slow down (he’s a sweet heart. But she told him to go on and he finished strong and with a great time! 😉

Cross Country Run

Cross Country Run

This Cross Country Race on base was a lot of fun. It was my first race on a golf course and my fastest pace ever especially considering the crazy hills on the course! Now I couldn’t end a year in review without some goals for next year right? (I don’t do resolutions) I am registered for 2 half marathons one in March and one in May! I would like at least one if not both to be under 2hrs!! That means no potty breaks mid race! LoL which I know is possible since nature didn’t call during my entire 4hr marathon!! My other goals are STRENGTHEN and STRETCH! My knee has bugged me all year and it still is so my goal is to work it out and get it loosened.

What about you, what were your accomplishments for 2013?

Do you have any goals for 2014? Share them here!

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My Runners Wish List

When I started running I thought it would be a “cheap” sport. You know shoes, socks, some shorts, shirts and go! Well now I have all this gear for warm weather and cold weather, and all this need and want for more, and more gear keeps coming out and and it just keeps getting better! Well it is not “cheap”! As a stay at home mom I have to be choosey at what I really NEED and WANT… Especially since we just had this conversation with our 9 yr old. Now I know this is the season for giving so don’t go all negative nelly on me in the comments and preach to me, this is all for fun 🙂 But if you do have a runner in the house or a runner friend consider GIVING them one of these gifts…

Since we’re on the subject of WANTS and NEEDS…here is my list of RUNNING WANTS 😉


Knuckle Lights

I’ve been wanting these knuckle lights since I attended the Another Mother Runner party a few months ago!


photo 1

Cy-Co Stick

I am a lover of my foam roller and my “stick”, I just think this little torture device will get in all those hard to reach places!

photo 4

Athleta Visor with Pony

Ok, I’ve seen this on quite a few runner wish lists out there and I am loving it!!  I ran in the snow for the Jingle All the Way 8k and I felt like little razor blades were attacking my eyes! Plus this one has a pony hole!! The visor can also keep the sun and rain out as well! I just got a $10 Athleta Gift Card from our Moms RUN This Town White Elephant gift exchange so I may be purchasing this myself… 😉

photo 2

Saucony Hoody with Pony

A friend told me about this awesome find! A hoody with pony hole in the hood! What an awesome idea! See a theme here?

photo 3

Bob Stroller Weather Cover

I’ve had my eye on this bad boy for a little while and I’m kind of upset I didn’t snatch it up because it was on sale.  I don’t run in the rain/snow often but I think it will help guard my big guy from the cold as well.  There is only so much bundling I can do…


And just for fun….


Totally Kidding!!

What’s on your Christmas wish list?

Do you have a blog post your link below so I can follow you!

Thanks for stopping by!


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2014 Race Bucket List!

We are moving overseas mid-2014 and I have a few races on my “Race Bucket List”.  Last year since I knew this was our last year in the DC area I wanted to do the Baltimore Running Festival, the Army 10-Miler and the Marine Corps Marathon.  I am happy to say, I successfully completed Bucket List 2013!  Now I’m trying to keep my list for 2014 under control but it’s so difficult knowing that I’m leaving an area that is so great for running with all its trails, scenic pathways and awesome running partners.  I’m not sure what our next adventure holds just yet but I’m a little nervous!  

On to the Bucket List:


March 16, 2014


April 6, 2014


May 10, 2014



These are the only BIG races I have on my bucket list…right now.  Most of the big races in the area are in the fall.  I will be doing some 5K’s and probably some 10K’s through the local running stores but I haven’t decided which ones yet.  Even though they are “cheap” they still add up!

Do you have a race bucket list or maybe you have a different goal each year? Run a half every month? Or maybe a long term goal? Run a Marathon in every state?


Share your goals I’d love to know them! And be sure to let me know of any awesome races I HAVE to run in the DC area before I leave in July!

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I've moved!


Hi Everyone! My blog has moved!  I have been on blogger for a few years with my “Simply Jess” blog and when I changed names I wasn’t able to change the address.  Long story short it’s easier to start a new blog and I’ve heard WordPress is a better format so I’m going to give it a shot!  I hope that you will hop on over and follow me here!


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